Key Employee Insurance Website

Overview Key Employee Insurance is an extension of MEG Financial, a company we’ve worked with for many years. For this project, they wanted a bold, professional, targeted site specifically for the topic of key employee insurance. They wanted the site to be both inviting and informative, a go-to resource for business owners looking for information … Continued

Media Northeast Inc. – Video Production

Overview Media Northeast, a results-based video production company, came to for assistance with their online image. They had all the artistic assets, but they needed someone to turn those assets into an interactive online web presence. We met, discussed their company values, and then built a web site that both solidified their brand and … Continued

Madfire – Reliable Web Hosting

Overview Sometime after we opened, we created our partner web hosting company, Madfire. In conjunction with’s services, Madfire completes our total web services package, offering everything from hosting to software development. Plus, by having your site on our hosting servers, it expedites the process of updating, changing, or maintaining your website. It’s a … Continued

Transair – Quick Connecting Pipe Solutions

Overview With over 150 years of experience, Transair needed a web site worthy of its successful history, and it turned to for help. We met with many of the company’s representatives, discussing their message, established brand, and company image, ending with a concept close to the final project. All it took was our professional … Continued

Copro Pure – Copper Lead Free Push Technology

Overview Trying to appeal to a broader audience, CopperHead came to Zeus asking for assistance with their online image. They requested a new website design, unique page development that included a product catalogue template, and an initial SEO strategy that gave them a push in the right direction. After a few meetings we got to … Continued

Copperbite – Pure Copper Fittings

Overview CopperBite needed a new online image to match their growing offline business, so they came to Zeus with an idea and a willingness to let our professionals built their site. First, we created a visual outline of how the site would look once completed. They accepted, and we got to developing the backend code. … Continued

Copperhead – Pure Copper Fittings

Overview CopperHead came to Zeus looking for a site specialized in promoting their niche product. They wanted an online presence, the groundwork of an SEO campaign, and an updatable database for their products. After some discussions, we created an outline of the final project, CopperHead approved, and we set to creating. Design The custom website … Continued

The Agile Software Development Method

First introduced in 1974, the Agile Methods for software development feature a revolutionary look into modern programming practices. The Agile Methods examine both the work and code environment for opportunities of output optimization.