Key Employee Insurance Website

Overview Key Employee Insurance is an extension of MEG Financial, a company we’ve worked with for many years. For this project, they wanted a bold, professional, targeted site specifically for the topic of key employee insurance. They wanted the site to be both inviting and informative, a go-to resource for business owners looking for information … Continued

The Agile Software Development Method

First introduced in 1974, the Agile Methods for software development feature a revolutionary look into modern programming practices. The Agile Methods examine both the work and code environment for opportunities of output optimization.

The Spiral Model of Software Development

When programmers grew tired of the Waterfall Model’s restrictive need for documentation, they turned to the Spiral Model, which puts an emphasis on numerous iterations rather than a singular outcome.

The Waterfall Model of Software Development

There’s a reason the Waterfall Model of software development has been around for so long: it works. More importantly, it continues to work, even in our modern age of advanced digital technology.

The Project Development Process

We have our own workflow and project development process, which has been refined and improved over the years. The process begins long before talking to a client and ends well after the final project is online.

15 WordPress Tips and Tricks

Our many years of WordPress experience have given us a plethora of knowledge, and now we’re sharing that knowledge with you. The following 15 tips and tricks can help maximize any WordPress website.