For companies or websites just starting out, we recommend a shared hosting package with MadFire, which offers a low-cost option with all the tools needed to draw in traffic. From the around-the-clock customer support to the cutting-edge network security, shared hosting helps to optimize, enhance, and leverage your website over the competition. Plus, MadFire offers plenty of options for when your website outgrows the limitations of shared hosting, such as dedicated servers.’s servers are always available for any shared hosting service needed to enhance your website.

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Shared Hosting Services:

Control Panel

Manage files and watch traffic analysis using cPanel Control Panel software.

Unmatched Affordability

No other option comes close to the affordability of shared hosting.

24/7 Support

Any time you have an issue, customer support is always available.

Email Service

Utilize POP3 email accounts and webmail access to connect with contacts.

Network Security

Cutting-edge cybersecurity technology keeps your information out of the wrong hands.

System Management

MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access gives you easy file management capabilities.

Let’s be honest: many new websites have a hard time attracting attention. They don’t need expensive large-scale server setups that allow for unlimited traffic and all sorts of customization options. Too often, though, small companies pay big bucks for dedicated servers, when they could do just as well with shared hosting, which is more affordable and offers enough server options for small-scale websites. If you’re in the market for affordable hosting that gives you everything you need to get started, go with shared hosting. It’s the economically intelligent option.