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OverviewOur many years within the web industry have led us down interesting paths, including the creation of an effective web-based work order tracking software, Orderbound. Built to be strictly used for our internal operations, we soon discovered interest in the software from outside clients. These organizations needed an automated system to help them manage, control, and monitor all incoming and outgoing orders. They turned to Orderbound as a solution.


DesignFor a work order tracking software to be effective it must visually display information in an easy-to-digest format. Orderbound’s software condenses and organizes information in such a manner that people can perceive complex data at a glance. By making the transference of information quick, Orderbound helps to automate companies of all sizes, thus reducing their overhead and employee costs. It’s a system that helps companies get more out of their workflow.


DevelopmentEvery line of code within the Orderbound website was created by in-house programmers. Construction began with custom coding and frameworks, for both front- and backend interfaces, using HTML5 and CS3. We also integrated some AJAX and jQuery for various parts of the site, and an SSL certificate was included to add a secure socket layer. All in all, the site is another shining example of modern web development.


SEOWe implemented an initial search engine optimization plan into Orderbound’s website during creation. This plan gives the site some small SEO bonuses, with room for more comprehensive plans in the future, if we so desire to pursue it further. The initial plan includes keyword research and discovery, content created for specific keyword density percentages, and an incoming link campaign. All of this helps to get the Orderbound website in front of more users.


ProgrammingObviously, custom programming went into the creation of both the Orderbound software and the website. The site itself was built using PHP and MySQL database, with an automated register form for email notifications and confirmations to validate email and user info. Also, a secure checkout was integrated with Authorize.net. As for the Orderbound software itself, you’ll simply have to contact us to hear more about the specifics. We’re happy to talk about it.

What We Did:

  • Design – Created the Orderbound software to quickly relay complex information, and build a website complementing that purpose.
  • Development – Created a customized website that details the Orderbound software.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Initiated a minimal search engine optimization campaign to get the site started down the SEO path.
  • Programming – Built the Orderbound software, and then created a comprehensive backend for its website.