7 Tips for Improving Your Website

Long gone are the days when websites were created without any worry of future changes or implementations. These days, websites must remain relevant by updating content, adding new pages, or updating visuals, because search engines favor website that perform routine maintenance. However, “maintenance” doesn’t have to be as complicated as overhauling a website’s design. In fact, there are many things a website owner can do to keep their site favored by search engines.

Improve Internal Linking

Internal links serve two purposes: they guide users along an information stream, but they also inform search engines about other existing pages, thus improving search engine optimization. Creating an internal campaign that caters to both halves of the solution means using an intuitive and logical approach to internal linking. For example, create an internal link with keywords appropriate for the receiving page (which pleases search engines), and use those keywords in an appropriate spot within the content (which pleases users).

Cut Outdated Content

The easiest thing for any website owner to do is cut excessive content on a regular schedule. Outdated information, or copy no longer relevant, should either be updated or eliminated, as users and search engines dislike sites with excessive pages stuffed with useless information.

Clean Up URLs

Again, websites used to be built without any rhyme or reason, but today’s content management systems make it easy to manage URL structures. Don’t use dates or numbers, and avoid all forms of parameters. Focus instead on keywords related to your website.

Ditch Unused Domains

The affordability of domains makes buying them a slippery slope. One becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, and the number continues rising year after year. However, an unused domain does nothing but soak up money. No matter how much you love the domain www.PurrrfectKittens.com, it’s time to let it go, because it’s costing you money and not giving anything back.


Mobile-Friendly is Necessary

All right, making a mobile-friendly website isn’t exactly something any website owner can do, but it is absolutely necessary for succeeding in the digital era. More people now use their cell phones to search online than ever before, and having a website specifically for their browsing capabilities can exponentially increase your website’s traffic and conversions. Contact us today for a mobile web development quote.

Speed Up Your Site

The less time a user has to wait for a page to load, the less of a chance you lose a user to their impatience. Speeding up a website requires cutting features like Flash, or trimming back excessive code causing browsers to take forever loading your site. The best option is to shift your website to HTML5 to take advantage of the latest coding techniques.

Watch Algorithm Updates

Website maintenance is an ongoing project, and it’s necessary to watch for search engine algorithm updates. One missed update could mean the difference between front-page search engine results and falling way, way down the SERPs. Obviously, not all website owners have the time to watch for search engine updates, but you’ve already found one of the most effective resources for ensuring your site meets search engine algorithms: SEOWebsiteDesign.com.

If any of these tips seem too difficult or beyond your understanding, please contact us. We specialize in optimizing every facet of your website, so as to enhance the business you conduct within the online world. Contact us today to get started.